Thousands of people agree that Samira puts the fire in bellydance. From exotic, intimate venues to sophisticated theater stages, she has lit a spark of passion in her audiences that keep them coming back for more. To have Samira in your star studded instructor lineup is to have a woman of strength, power, and grace bring you the beauty of bellydance & fire fusion in a uniquely fun and accessible way.



Dance Instruction

Samira is a Certified Group Fitness instructor, CPR/First Aid Certified, and carries dance instructor and fire performer insurance. 

You can host Samira for a workshop, festival, weekend intensive, class series, or private/troupe coaching.

Choose from topics such as:

  • Intro to Bellydance
  • Cymbals and Rhythms
  • Dance Drills and Conditioning
  • How to Choreograph
  • How to Improvise
  • Elevating Your Stage Presence
  • Performing a Full Cabaret: Entrances, Veil, Taxeem/Floorwork, Drum Solo¬†
  • Prop Focus: Finger Cymbals, Veil(s), Sword, Fan Veils, Isis Wings, Cane, Candles
  • Style Focus: Egyptian, Romani, Turkish Oriental, or Tribal Fusion
  • Fire Dancing & Safety

In addition to education on how to dance with style and grace, Samira also offers deep dives into expanding history and cultural understanding.


Laci "Samira" Parr's professional resume and academic background (beyond dance) is available on her LinkedIn Profile.

Teaching Demo

Get a taste of Samira's approach to dance instruction with this quick demo of how to perform a Drop Kick.


Performance Highlights

Donna Carlton

Author of Looking For Little Egypt


Samira is a total professional as a performer. As a teacher, she is well prepared and organized. Most of all, she is patient, kind, and adept at helping students achieve.


International Superstar

Samira's dedication to her practice extends into all areas of the art of bellydance. From honing her skills in make-up, to costuming and set design, to multiple bellydance styles, she is boundless in her curiosity and eager to share her knowledge. With multiple certifications under her bellydance belt, she has a powerful and varied curriculum steeped in the added attributes of feminine empowerment, body positivity, cultural awareness, and embracement of diversity. From technique to emotional expression, her performances are sparkling. Further, her ability to guide a group effectively with the added flare of an inspiring teaching style makes Samira a not-to-be-missed instructor!

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Did you know that "Samira" literally translates to "the one with lively conversation"?

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