Bellydance Shows

Perhaps you're looking for an in house dancer for your Turkish Restaurant or hookah bar?  Are you hosting an Arabian Night?  Want to surprise someone with a bellygram?  And no Middle Eastern Wedding is complete without a bellydancer.

As a Bellydancer, I am adept in Egyptian Cabaret Bellydance, Folkloric Bellydance, Romani Dance, Turkish Oriental and Tribal Fusion.

I offer 15 minute solo shows. These can be belly grams for the guest of honor, restaurant events, weddings, or fully staged large scale events.

I'm comfortable putting on a fully choregraphed stage show, or working up close with each table, entertaining the guests around the room, and inviting them to dance.

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Bellydance Classes and Workshops

As much as I love entertaining with bellydance, I also love teaching it.

A bellydance lesson makes a wonderful addition to girls nights, bachelorette parties, fitness events, etc.

My classes use a mix of modern and traditional Middle Eastern music to break the moves down to the basics, drill them with an upbeat way to remember, then put them into a spunky combination to take home.

I am Group Fitness Instructor Certified and available for workshops, festivals, class series, or one time events both in person or online.

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Stacia Ahlfeld

"Samira is such a warm and welcoming teacher. She knows her stuff, too. She'll teach you more than just the movements, which is awesome. I really like her music choices, too. I also really love how she makes the class so open and tailors things to individual needs. If you can't do a movement because of an injury or whatever, she'll show you a way to modify it or replace it with something you can do."

Amanda Howard

"I absolutely love taking bellydance classes with Samira! She teaches more than just moves. You will learn about the history of the dance, the differences in regional styles, how to execute the moves correctly and fluidly, and much more. All are welcome in Samira’s classes. She has norequirements out dance background or body type. You only require a desire to learn and have fun."

Melissa Parker

"Samira's love and knowledge of different Middle Eastern, North African, and Turkish (or MENAT) dance forms truly helped me develop a passion for this art form. She teaches and performs everything from Turkish Orientale to Raqs Sharqi to fusion bellydance, and uses every sort of prop you can imagine (including a fire sword!). I cannot recommend her highly enough for classes or performances!"