Fire Shows

Fire Shows with Samira

Fire spinners are perfect for your next luau.  And what's a circus without a fire breather?  Having a spirit gathering?  You're going to need an adorned fire goddess to light the way to the drumming and dancing. 

Even Halloween parties, birthday parties, and an intro for your fireworks show are options for entertainment that your friends wont stop talking about!

I perform with a fire belt, fire sword, palm candles, shamadon (candleabra balanced on the head), crown, fire wings, and can eat and breathe fire.

I can come as a soloist (30 minute shows), but also perform with a group of talented fire dancers (that I provide) who add more props, excitement, and a longer running performance without pauses.

Amaze and delight your guests as Samira lights up the night.

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Fire Photo Gallery

Samira the fire eater
Samira dancing with palm candles
Samira performing with a fire belt and palm candles
Samira and her fire sword
Samira Breathing Fire