About Samira

As an instructor for in-person and virtual workshops, classes and private lessons, Samira goes beyond the technical aspects to also highlight the history and culture for a true depth and understanding of each dance form.

She is an eclectic dancer adept in Egyptian Cabaret Bellydance, Folkloric Bellydance, Romani Dance, Turkish Oriental, Tribal Style, Tribal Fusion, LED/Fire Prop manipulation, Snake Dancing, and is certified in Group Fitness Instruction through NETA.

Samira’s performances bring a spicy note to everything from personal bellygrams to weddings, girl’s nights, restaurant shows and troupe performances.

Her performance portfolio includes everything from a traditional Egyptian Cabaret show, to a rambunctious Gypsy act, all the way to the Danger and Drama tribal fusion set featuring swords, flames, and serpents.

With each shimmy and sway of the hips, Samira’s every movement connects with students and captivates audiences – the joyful gift of dance that keeps on giving.

My Story

My passion for dance comes from a family connection, growing up in my brother’s dance studio.

I later discovered Middle Eastern dance in college, and it became my world. I listened to the music non-stop. I took all the classes and workshops I could get my hands on. I'd study every style I could. Next thing I knew, I was teaching, and putting on shows with my own student troupe. 

One day, we were invited to open for a fire show.  I was dazzled by the flames and grew to be a part of the act.

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Did you know that "Samira" literally translates to "the one with lively conversation"?

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